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About Us

More About Your Local Tree Specialist

Highgrove Enterprises is a leading tree specialist in Brunswick, GA. Our certified business has been improving outdoor areas with comprehensive tree services for over 15+ years now. Unlike forestry experts, our arborists focus on individual trees and making sure they thrive in their environment. Tree care is both an art and a science. It is an art in the sense that we consider how the trees will enhance the outdoor space and science in that we are well-versed on tree biology and techniques for ensuring trees thrive.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards for tree service. Tree care can be dangerous work as it often involves climbing, removing large branches, or using heavy tools and machinery. When working with our tree specialist, you can rest assured that we are trained in all safety protocols and never takes shortcuts. All our work is performed in a way that ensures our clients, their properties, and our workers stay safe.

There are some cases when a tree service simply cannot wait. We, at Highgrove Enterprises, are dedicated to helping you at all times. If a storm caused damage to your saplings or the old Oak's limbs, do not try to handle the job yourself. It is not worth the risk of damage to your property or a trip to the ER. Our contractors can help by arriving quickly to your home or business with tools like tree chippers, cranes, and other professional equipment for cutting down damaged trees and removing limbs which have fallen on your property.

Highgrove Enterprises is a company specializing in professional tree care with 15+ years of service on the local market. With a valid license, insurance policy, bonding, and certificates, we are authorized by the state to offer our assistance to clients based in and around Brunswick, GA. Next time you need help with your trees, call (912) 617-2959. We will be happy to help!