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A Tree Specialist That Provides Professional Services in Your Town

There is no shortage of tree service providers in the region. However, there is a vast difference between “a standard tree contractor” and a certified arborist. To become a qualified professional, tree care contractors must prove their proficiency in all areas related to tree maintenance. We, at Highgrove Enterprises, did that 15 years ago and still doing it to this very day.

In urban environments such as our neighborhood, there are many things which can affect trees and their ability to grow healthy and strong. Some of these include the quality of the soil, whether the branches interfere with wires or structures, or the amount of space for the trees to grow. A certified tree specialist knows how to handle these challenges, so your garden looks beautiful and stays healthy all year round.

At our tree service company, we stand proud of the quality of our work. We perform a variety of services at very competitive yet affordable prices. You can rest easy knowing that our arborists are trained in all safety protocols and will go the extra mile to ensure your complete satisfaction. When in need of professional tree work, call (912) 617-2959. We travel to all the following locations:

  • Brunswick, GA
  • Dock Junction, GA
  • Country Club Estates, GA
  • Saint Simons Island, GA
  • Atkinson, GA
  • Waverly, GA